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Events 20231108 06:00 PM - Wednesday November 8, 2023 07:00 PM

Webinar: Elevating Neurological Health: Exploring the Role of Emerald Laser in Advancing Functional Medicine | Dr. Brandon Brock

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Dr. Bradon Brock will be covering in Episode 1 of his 4 Part Low Level Laser Webinar Series, how Erchonia for the past 27 years has made themselves the world leader in Low Level Laser Technology by producing the most researched, effective healthcare lasers on the market and how they have a place for every type of Medical Provider in the World!

Dr. Brock is medical provider who facilitates wellness and lifestyle changes to bring about patient recovery and restoration of health by incorporating low-level laser therapy. Low-level laser is a modality that has become contemporary in its capacity to enhance patient recovery from pain and function by enhancing the photochemical properties of cellular function, help with the treatment of Onychomycosis, Medical fat Reduction, Post op wound care, and much more.

The photochemistry upregulation that occurs while using low-level laser therapy has the potential to regenerate tissue, enhance neural circuits, reduce pain, and enhance orthopedic and biomechanical factors. Applying a low-level laser to a patient can be life-changing in many clinical scenarios by optimizing systems physiology. This course will give attendees a comprehensive overview of enhancing patient recovery by stacking new low-level laser therapy (LLLT) principles and modalities for optimal health.

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Erchonia’s green laser was proven and FDA Market Cleared in 3 separate double-blind clinical trials with no known side-effects and produces 23% more energy than our red lasers, making Emerald™ the safest and most effective way to treat fat.