If you’ve worked hard to achieve the body you want only to be uncomfortable with the way your underarm looks in sleeveless shirts and dresses, you’re not alone. Fat deposits in the armpits can be tough to lose, even with strict dieting and exercise. Emerald Laser lipolysis offers a practical, painless, and non-invasive remedy for individuals trying to lose underarm fat. Call an Emerald Laser provider to schedule a consultation.

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What Is Armpit Fat and What Causes It?

We typically refer to the hollow area below the shoulder as the armpit, but when discussing armpit fat removal, the “armpit” can extend to the clavicle had of the pectoralis major muscle, the latissimus dorsi, and upper triceps and biceps. When these muscles develop fatty deposits, they can be uncomfortable and unattractive.

There are several causes of armpit fat, but the most common one is obesity. If you are overweight, your armpit may be one of the areas where your body stores the additional fats. A healthy diet and a workout program comprised of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training can improve this condition, but the results vary. That’s because another cause behind armpit fat is genetics. It may be challenging to get rid of if you are genetically predisposed to armpit fat, even if you have a low body fat percentage.

Why It’s Hard to Lose Armpit Fat

For some, losing armpit fat is as easy or difficult as it is for other parts of the body, but it can be very difficult for others. If you have had difficulty specifically losing underarm fat, it could be the type of exercise you’re doing. For instance, if you’re only running, your underarms may marginally benefit from the enhanced cardio work, but your workouts aren’t targeting them. It could also be that you’re genetically predisposed to fat underarms. Fortunately, laser armpit fat removal is effective no matter what your difficulty with armpit fat is.

How Laser Fat Removal Works for Armpit Fat

Laser lipo for arms and underarms is a high-tech approach to fat reduction, but the concept behind it is actually straightforward. The body stores lipids (fats) in fat cells. When the fat cells under your arms are filled with fats, they appear larger and bloated. Emerald Laser uses ten low-heat, low-intensity 532-nanometer lasers to target these fat cells. The lasers penetrate to the cells and bore tiny holes into the cell walls. The lasers also marginally heat the fats inside the cells, which have a melting point just a few degrees higher than the average body temperature. These emulsified fats are now free to leak from the fat cells where they are utilized or disposed of by the body’s lymphatic system.

What to Expect after Getting Laser Removal

Because the Emerald Laser process is non-invasive, there is no downtime after your laser body sculpting sessions. After your initial consultation, where you’ll discuss your health history, goals, and candidacy for laser lipolysis, you can begin immediately. Sessions are fast, usually taking less than one hour from the time you walk in until you leave our provider’s facility. During the treatment, you will experience a painless tingling as the lasers do their work. The effects are gradual, but they begin immediately. After a few weeks, you should be able to see a reduction in your armpit fat. There are no known side effects to Emerald Laser lipolysis.

Information for Medspas and Medical Offices

We are always seeking qualified providers to offer Emerald Laser lipolysis in new markets. Contact us to schedule an interview if you represent a medical office or a medspa and are interested in offering this effective, non-surgical fat removal option to your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions about Underarm Fat Removal

Does Laser Lipo Kill Fat Cells Under the Arms?

No, and that is a critical distinction between Emerald Laser and other more invasive procedures like liposuction and cryolipolysis (fat freezing). Killing fat cells might seem like a great way to permanently get rid of fat, but it can actually lead to increased fat storage in other areas of the body. When this occurs around the organs, it can lead to adverse health conditions. Cool laser sculpting does not kill fat cells. It empties them.

How Much Does Emerald Laser Lipo Cost?

Prices range from $1,500 to $2,500 for a six-session package. You can inquire about the cost of your treatment at the individual provider’s facility.

Does Emerald Laser Have FDA Clearance?

Yes. In fact, Emerald Laser is the first non-invasive laser lipolysis system to receive FDA approval, and it has received 18 FDA market clearances. Erchonia, the inventor of Emerald Laser, is a pioneer in the industry.

Remove Stubborn Armpit Fat with Laser Lipo

If you are looking for a proven, tested, and painless way to remove armpit fat, call an Emerald Laser provider near you. Emerald Laser isn’t just effective for armpit fat, but for all areas of the body. Call today!