May 23, 2022 6:40 pm

Increasingly N.Ps and P.As (Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants) are legally considered physicians in many states. This has resulted in a multitude of opportunities for those in this position to work independently. In light of this recent change, some N.Ps and P.As have actually started to open their own clinics. So you want to open your own clinic? Whatever your reasons, opening a clinic can represent a serious move in the medical community, and it can open up tremendous opportunities for personal growth. However, there are some things you should consider before opening up your own clinic. Among them are cost, location, and what you want your ideal patient to look like.

All of these considerations are important in order to assure that the clinic you open is successful and provides you with an enjoyable work environment. As an N.P or P.A, it is critical that your patients like you and are satisfied with the treatment you offer. So, you should also consider the types of treatment your clinic will offer. One innovative treatment that your clinic has the opportunity to provide is Emerald Laser laser fat reduction. Add laser lipolysis to the list of treatments you offer, and expand your new clinic today!

1. Location

One of the primary considerations when opening a medical clinic is where you will open it. You want your location to be accessible and convenient for yourself and your employees as well as patients. You also want a site that can fit all of your specialized medical equipment, as well as a location without much adjacent noise or disturbances. Although it is possible to put a medical office just about everywhere- we know a dentist’s office that’s basically in a janitor’s closet- it is best to have some choice in the matter of picking a location you prefer. Your location should be convenient for your patients to go to as well. So, be sure to have your location near vital residential areas. Consider the local zoning laws as well. You want to be near a residential area, but you obviously cannot build a clinic in a residentially zoned area, of course. When you are checking the commercially zoned properties around the area you are interested in making your clinic in, be sure to check what types of businesses exist. You do not want to be in an area with a lot of other medical clinics for fear that they will have non-compete agreements in place on the local buildings. However, if there is no non-compete agreement in place, perhaps you would like to be near other medical clinics, as it will likely attract your customers. Just try to avoid the same type of clinic in the same area with you as this is direct competition.

2. How Much Does it Cost to Open a Medical Clinic

The next factor to consider in opening up your own clinic is cost. Suitable locations will naturally be expensive or will already have a medical facility in them frequently. You should not be spending more than 33% of your clinic’s total profits on rent, so be sure to do the calculations in advance of finding a location. You should estimate how many patients you expect to have each month, how much the average patient will earn you, and the total amount of money you expect to make monthly. Once you have calculated your monthly earnings, take off 10% just as a hedge against the unfortunate, and then base all your budgetary calculations off of that number. Once you have your base earnings minus 10% calculated, consider the permanent and recurring costs of equipment, i.e., x-ray machines, medical lasers, etc. Then consider how much staff you would need. Remember that even one employee is a person for whose salary and benefits you will be entirely responsible. If you are not prepared for that responsibility, perhaps it is best that you do not hire any employees or maybe even open a clinic. If, however, you are ready to deal with this responsibility, then you should consider how many employees you will need to help you in your clinic and include their salaries and benefits among the recurring costs for your clinic.

3.  Consider Your Ideal Patient

The last thing you may want to consider when planning to open your own clinic is to consider who your ideal patient would be. Do you prefer dealing with ill people or generally healthy people? Do you enjoy solutions-oriented medicine, or do you like to deal with chronic issues? Say you decide that you prefer to deal with healthy people, and you prefer a solutions-oriented approach to medicine rather than dealing with the chronically ill. Then perhaps it makes sense for you to open a “medspa” or cosmetic procedure clinic. This will mean that your ideal patient is a healthy person with no chronic problems, just looking for a one-time or short-duration solution to an aesthetic problem from you. Now ask yourself, what does this ideal patient look for in a clinic, and how can I open myself up to those conditions.

How To Get Emerald Laser In Your New Clinic

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