Hand of a medical professional holding a laser device.

What is Fat Freezing and Does Fat Freezing Work?

Published: September 6, 2022
Read Time: 6 Minutes
Category: Patients

Fat freezing is a medical procedure in which fat cells in your body are exposed to freezing temperatures in order to kill them and reduce overall body fat, called cryolipolysis. This is done with the use of a cryolipolysis device, which freezes the fat cells in a specific part of your body but leaves the skin cells intact.

White male in blue t-shirt sleeping on a sofa.

Can You Actually Lose Weight While You Sleep?

Published: August 23, 2022
Read Time: 6 Minutes
Category: Patients

Lack of sleep increases your stress levels. That’s because sufficient sleep induces cortisol, which is an enzyme that helps regulate stress. During times of stress, the body reacts by trying to store reserve energy in the form of fat.

Waist-level shot of an obese man with a large mid-section.

Here’s How to Get Rid of a Beer Belly Once and For All

Published: August 18, 2022
Read Time: 5 Minutes
Category: Patients

If there’s one universal truth, it’s that no one wants to have excess fat around their belly. Belly fat, commonly referred to as a “beer belly” regardless of the person’s drinking habits is among the toughest types of fat to get rid of. But if you came here looking for how to get rid of a beer belly, we do have some effective solutions for you.