November 3, 2021 2:30 pm

Most of us have a part of our body where stubborn fat accumulates, and no matter how careful we are to eat healthy food and stick to our workout routine, it will not go away.

When you have goals for your body, it is extremely frustrating when stubborn fat does not respond to lifestyle changes.

You work hard to create a calorie deficit by working out and eating right. You do everything you are supposed to do. And still, no matter how much strength training or aerobic exercise you do, you cannot lose those last few pesky inches around your waist and thighs.

Stubborn fat can accumulate on any part of the body. The thighs, hips, stomach, and upper arms are a few areas where people commonly store fat.

Stubborn fat can be more than just unsightly. Certain kinds of fat can negatively impact your health.

Belly fat can be particularly stubborn. Visceral fat surrounds the organs in your abdomen, and it can put you at risk for certain health problems like heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Removing stubborn fat is an important way to improve your health.

Additionally, excess fat can put stress on our back and joints.

Unfortunately, even if you target the area where stubborn fat accumulates in your exercise routine, that will not help. Exercise helps build muscle and may help you create a calorie deficit, but it will not impact where you lose weight.

When we create a calorie deficit, there is nothing we can do to target where the fat comes off. For example, an intense ab workout can build your ab muscles, but it will not target or spot-reduce any excess fat in that area.

You have laser fat removal treatment options for those stubborn areas that do not respond to changes in your diet and exercise routines. You can stop feeling bad about stubborn fat that will not go away and take charge by seeking solutions today.

Read on to learn more about how to eliminate stubborn body fat.

Why Do We Have Stubborn Fat That Doesn’t Go Away?

The first step to addressing your stubborn fat is to assess the source of the problem. There may still be factors within your control that can help reduce stubborn fat. We have gathered a list of common causes of stubborn fat.

  1. You are not eating enough fiber. Most Americans do not consume the recommended intake of fiber each day. Yet, fiber can be helpful if you want to lose weight. Fiber helps you feel full for longer and may prevent your digestive tract from absorbing some of the calories. Soluble fiber, in particular, may be beneficial for eliminating belly fat. Try to incorporate high-fiber foods into your diet on a daily basis.

  2. You are not eating the right fats. Trans fats should be avoided. They are found in margarine and other spreads and are commonly added to certain processed foods. Trans fats have been linked to heart disease, insulin resistance, inflammation, and abdominal fat gain. You may see these fats on ingredient labels listed as “partially hydrogenated fat.” Regardless of what they are called, avoid them. Instead opt for healthy fats from foods like avocado, nuts, and fatty fish, and cook with oils that do not contain trans fats such as olive oil.

  3. You are drinking too much alcohol. We all know that a glass of red wine with dinner can be part of a heart-healthy diet. However, drinking too much is harmful to your health. Alcohol can be a source of unwanted belly fat, the so-called “beer gut.” Studies have linked high levels of alcohol consumption to fat storage around the waist. Limiting yourself to one drink a day is a good idea.

  4. You are not eating enough protein. Protein is an excellent macronutrient to prioritize in your diet to manage weight. It can help you feel full for longer. When you are attempting to lose weight, protein can be helpful to ensure that you lose fat, not muscle. Research links eating more protein with having less abdominal fat.

  5. Your eating habits are inconsistent. Research indicates that eating on an inconsistent schedule can negatively impact your insulin levels, weight, and cholesterol. Whether you do intermittent fasting or eat small meals throughout the day, stick to a consistent eating pattern. Letting yourself get too hungry may cause you to make more impulsive food choices that are not in line with your nutritional goals.

  6. You are not doing enough aerobic exercise. Cardio is a great way to reduce stubborn fat. How often and for how long you do cardio matters more than the intensity. Studies indicate that 300 minutes per week is most beneficial, which works out to around 40 minutes a day.

  7. You are not adequately managing your stress levels. When you are stressed, your adrenal glands produce cortisol, the stress hormone. An increase in your stress hormone is likely to increase your appetite and encourage fat storage. Focusing on pleasurable activities that reduce your stress is just as important for your physical health as it is for your mental health. Yoga and meditation may be helpful.

  8. You are eating too much highly processed food or refined sugars. Junk food and other processed foods can easily cause stubborn fat accumulation. This also includes sweeteners, packed juices, and food items with refined sugars. Consuming too much-processed food in your diet can result in your body retaining more fat and making it more difficult to lose.

Even if you are doing everything right, stubborn fat can persist due to genetics, shifts in metabolism due to aging, or problems with hormone levels in your body.

Estrogen, for example, can cause the body to store a deposit of stubborn fat. Some of us just carry weight in certain parts of our body, and lifestyle changes alone will not fix it.

Many of us assume that if diet and exercise do not work, surgical options are the only solution. That, however, is not true. If you think you have stubborn fat that will not respond to lifestyle changes, you have non-surgical options.

Where Stubborn Fat Is Usually Located?

Where stubborn fat accumulates can vary from individual, but generally, there are a few key areas where most people accumulate excess weight.

Upper arms

A decrease in skin elasticity and fat accumulation can create unsightly upper arm fat. Not exercising can make the problem worse.

Double Chin

Loosening skin and decreasing muscle tone due to age can cause a double chin. It can be challenging to target this area with exercise to improve muscle tone.

Bottom and Thighs

Hormones can result in fat settling in this area, and age tends to make the problem worse. Lower body fat can be among the most difficult to lose.

Hips and Stomach

Hormones also can trigger fat accumulation in the abdomen. Sugar is another culprit, including alcohol, which is converted into sugar in the body.

Weight Loss for Women

Weight loss can be particularly challenging for women because of childbearing. The excess weight in their thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen helped women survive childbirth and aided with nursing throughout human history.

But, in the calorie-dense world we live in today, this excess weight, especially visceral fat in the abdomen, can be detrimental to women’s health.

How the Fat Laser Targets Stubborn Fat

You can eliminate stubborn fat with a fat laser treatment. It works by targeting and shrinking fat cells. Fat cells are not removed.

Rather, the contents of the fat cells drain into the body and are removed safely by the lymphatic system. This process restores balanced hormone responses to your fat cells, causing them to behave like healthy fat cells.

This process takes place in the 4-12 weeks following treatment. All that you have to do is wait for the changes in your body. As long as you continue to follow a nutritious diet and get regular exercise, your results will be permanent.

During this procedure, the doctor will apply the laser to the treatment area. The laser can target the fat underneath without impacting or harming the skin itself. It typically takes around 30 minutes for the procedure, though there is some variation depending on the size of the area.

The procedure is non-invasive, painless, and simple, and there are no side effects. There is also no downtime. Our Emerald Laser is FDA-cleared to treat individuals with a BMI up to 40.