December 21, 2023 9:27 pm

It’s no surprise that weight loss is one of health and wellness’ most researched topics. Many people aspire to shed a few pounds, but the way in which they hope to achieve their goal can look very different depending on the individual. Some people gravitate to the common implementation of diet and exercise, but others have turned to a newer, more advanced scientific technology known as laser lipolysis.

Emerald Laser by Erchonia uses a non-surgical laser lipolysis mechanization that has shaken up the fat reduction industry. With clinically proven results to back it up, Emerald Laser was developed to be a quick, efficient, and pain-free alternative to reduce fat across numerous areas of the body. But one main question still surrounds this discussion: “Is laser lipolysis permanent?”

We will get into the specifics of what laser lipolysis is and how it works below, with an emphasis on what will make these groundbreaking scientific achievements last for years to come.

Brief Overview of Laser Fat Reduction

Laser Lipolysis has revolutionized the fat reduction industry as a weight loss approach that’s much faster than your traditional slimming strategy. Opposed to previous forms of liposuction that had become prominent in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, lasers entered the industry with a promise of less downtime and completely non-invasive procedures, and more importantly, quicker results.

As this laser technology has become refined over the years and more intentional applications have garnered helpful data, products like the Emerald Laser have set industry standards thanks to their sophisticated technology and resounding results from double-blind clinical studies. These painless sessions take no more than 30 minutes each, and full transformations can be seen in as little as 12 weeks.

Unlike other fat removal methods, Erchonia’s green cold laser technology is so revolutionary the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) implemented a totally new OLI-Fat Reduction Laser category for it. With its ten 532-nm lasers, Emerald Laser attacks fatty cells known as hypertrophic adipocytes that are trapped in adipose tissue.

It accomplishes this by incinerating a hole and melting the lipids trapped inside the fat cell, which are then safely eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. By not destroying the cells completely, it prevents unwanted fat growth in other parts of the body that could potentially damage organs.

Tips for Maintaining Laser Lipolysis Results Long-Term

Some of the most common things one would do to maintain a healthy lifestyle are the same ones that will help your laser lipolysis treatment become an investment you won’t regret. Here are just a few of the ways you can ensure you’re keeping pounds off:

Healthy Diet – Maintaining a nutrient-rich diet that’s free of processed foods, sugars, and other unnecessary additives will help keep your digestive system healthy and ensure your metabolism can stay on track. Balancing your diet is one of the easiest things to control yourself, and if you can keep it calorie-neutral, your results will be even more prominent.

Routine Exercise – Keeping active is widely known to be the most proactive way to burn both calories and unwanted fat, so incorporating activities as simple as daily walks or more advanced routines from a personal trainer can ensure you are forming a habitual approach.

Drink Water – One of the most easily forgotten wellness tips is the emphasis on hydration, which is crucial in metabolism and can even be used to suppress hunger, all while being calorie-free and essential to the body’s homeostasis.

Evaluate Lifestyle – A lot of our weight issues derive from the way we approach our daily lives, and everything from your nutrient intake to the length you sleep each night are factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Checking boxes to button up health habits is a worthwhile time investment.

Track Consumption – If you’re finding it hard to keep weight off or can’t seem to identify which foods are resulting in adverse gains, start tracking your calories by item so that you can find healthier ways to consume protein, accrue your daily vitamins, and get your much-needed energy.

Regular Doctor Check-Ups – After receiving laser lipolysis treatment, you should follow up with routine visits to both the clinic and your personal doctor to ensure your body is still reacting positively. They can also give you tips that are personally applicable to you so that you can continue to make positive changes.

Truthfully, it’s the harmony between laser lipolysis and a healthy lifestyle that makes the treatment so effective long-term. When you’re able to incorporate positive habits routinely, it will feel as though the laser lipo expedited the results dramatically.

Which Factors Influence the Permanence of Laser Lipolysis

Just like improving your diet or stepping up your exercise game, laser lipolysis is not intended to accomplish your weight loss goals overnight. But if you’re asking yourself “Is laser lipo permanent,” you should know that the effectiveness of such a treatment extends beyond the initial procedures. One of the major factors you must consider is which section of the body you receive laser lipolysis in. Unsurprisingly, most people focus on the abdomen, thighs, and waist where fat builds up easiest, but you can also use laser lipo in more specific areas like the arms, lower back, or even the neck or ankles.

Because a lot of the unhealthy fats in our bodies tend to go to the midsection, you can see a scenario where if you do not make positive nutritional choices after receiving laser lipo treatment, you will begin to see more unwanted weight build-up in the places in and around the waist. If your treatment was targeting the ankles, elbow, or neck, it could likely be much more difficult to regain fat in those places assuming you’ve made some effort to make better health decisions.

The second major issue of influence is ultimately your lifestyle choices. If you’re not attempting to complement your laser lipolysis treatment by backing it up with positive behaviors, you’ll likely begin to experience difficulty maintaining results. Purposely and continuously repeating habits that are opposite to your goals and to the detriment of your body is not only going to undo the positive aspects of the scientific treatment but will likely be a loss on the investment you made in yourself. Just because those fat cells are gone does not mean new ones cannot come back.

The Permanence of Laser Lipo

The “Is laser lipo permanent” question actually has a much longer and complicated answer than you may have initially been expecting. When you decide to undergo laser lipolysis treatment, you make a commitment to yourself and must be proactive in using it to incentivize your weight loss journey. Depending on a patient’s age, the amount of physical activity or stress they experience every day, or how much weight they hope to lose, it all comes back to why an individual wanted to pursue laser lipo as an option in the first place.

Since we’re sometimes uncomfortable in our bodies, we seek these sorts of advanced medical practices to help jump-start our remission. Like other fat-reduction alternatives in the past, laser lipolysis has become trendy, but it’s important to do your due diligence and find the most reliable, clinically backed treatment centers to ensure your surgery goes as planned with a goal at the end in mind. Enter Emerald Laser from Erchonia, which not only satisfied the industry standard by setting the precedent for laser lipo technology, but also made the experience pleasurable.

As opposed to the other fat-reduction strategies, Emerald Laser is non-invasive and requires no downtime after treatment sessions. This means patients aren’t inhibited afterward and can carry on with their daily lives, and there are no known side effects even though the process is both fast and painless. Truthfully, the convenience and lack of lingering repercussions make the treatment highly appealing to many, no matter how small the focus area may be. The company even backed up these results in three separate double-blind trials.

If you’re looking to drop any unwanted fat and are anxious to see results quickly, laser lipolysis could be a treatment that could work for you if you’re willing to contribute the necessary efforts to maintain your weight loss. Emerald Laser is the best technology the industry can offer, and the FDA has backed up not only this service but also those who are eligible for the non-invasive surgery. Visit our site to find a clinic that provides Emerald Laser’s treatment near you, and see what those regaining confidence in their bodies are elated about.