"Torn" image depicting a thin woman on top and heavier version of herself on bottom.

Comparing and Contrasting Emerald Laser to Emsculpting

Published: January 10, 2024
Read Time: 7 Minutes
Category: Providers

Whether you are considering Emerald Laser lipolysis, emsculpting, or another clinical fat-reduction process, it’s essential to know whether or not the treatments are likely to work on you. This article will present a side-by-side comparison between Emerald’s cool laser fat reduction technique and emsculpting.

Rows of red lights.

Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss: A Comparison to Laser Fat Removal

Published: January 2, 2024
Read Time: 8 Minutes
Category: Providers

At Emerald Laser by Erchonia, we want our patients to be informed about alternative weight loss treatments as well as the services that our providers offer. This article will explore red light therapy and its comparison to laser lipolysis as a fat-reduction method.

A woman in exercise attire is walking along the edge of a lake in a park with other walkers in the background.

How Many Steps Should You Walk in a Day to Lose Weight?

Published: December 21, 2023
Read Time: 11 Minutes
Category: Providers

Walking may seem like an unimaginative alternative compared to some of these innovative new weight loss techniques. However, depending on your weight and pace, you can burn up to 75-160 calories per mile walked. Even at a relatively leisurely pace, you can burn double that amount over an hour.

Two feet clad in red, green, and white holiday-themed socks standing on a digital scale.

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain With These Tips

Published: December 13, 2023
Read Time: 7 Minutes
Category: Providers

Emerald Laser providers see thousands of patients every year whose goals are to reduce fat, lose weight, and feel better. But why are the months leading up to New Year’s Day so difficult? And how can we stay on track better?

Doctor speaking to woman about various body contouring options and their side effects and expected results

Understanding the Body Contouring Business and How to Get Into It

Published: November 30, 2023
Read Time: 6 Minutes
Category: Providers

The body contouring business is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. This expansive and innovative field is one that takes some understanding but can be extremely rewarding as well. Since you’re interested in this business, we’ll be going over some of the basics of the body contouring industry, specific types of body contouring procedures, the pros and cons of each, and more.