August 3, 2021 9:35 pm

Considering laser liposuction at home? Think twice before you try out this risky method of fat removal.

It is understandable to want to try out the many laser fat removal machines on the market for home use. DIY liposuction in the privacy of your own home is tempting. At first glance, it seems like a great way to take advantage of non-invasive laser liposuction. Who would not want a convenient, safe, effective, and affordable option?

However, the reality is that this risky at-home procedure can have dangerous side effects and will not get you the same results as laser fat removal performed by an experienced technician. It may be more costly than it seems.

Most of us have an ideal weight in mind and we have to be mindful not to let others take advantage of our desire to lose weight. There are lots of products that promise immediate results and make false or dangerous claims about what the product can deliver.

We strongly encourage you to reconsider if you are thinking about performing your own laser liposuction at home. Instead, consider letting a trained medical professional perform your laser fat removal in a clinical setting where fat cells can be targeted. When it comes to your health, you need to know the facts about all your laser fat removal options before you make a decision. Your health is too important to make an uninformed choice.

Side Effects of Laser Lipo at Home

Laser fat removal at home just isn’t safe.

Laser lipo, if performed incorrectly, has some risks and side effects. Performing this procedure yourself instead of going to an experienced doctor increases your chances of experiencing side effects, serious injuries, or infections. Additionally, the procedure is safest in a controlled clinical setting, not your home. A clinical setting will decrease your chances of getting an infection.

Side effects including pain, discomfort, discolored or loose skin, or numbness may occur. You may feel a burning sensation under your skin. The procedure can sometimes result in lumpy or dimpled tissue, which may be permanent.

Some rare but severe side effects of laser lipo that are more likely to occur in a home setting include:

  • infection in the treated area
  • blood clots
  • scarred or dead tissue at the site

When the procedure is performed by a credible medical professional in a clinical setting, you have the benefit of their expertise and experience. They can take every precaution to reduce your risks of side effects and answer any questions you have about what to expect. That gives you peace of mind, so that you can focus on what matters to you while the fat melts away effortlessly.

Because cold laser therapy for fat loss gets rid of the fatty acid inside cells rather than fat cells themselves, the purging process is quicker, so results become apparent more quickly too. Contrast this with cryolipolysis, for example. This process freezes cells to death. Lots of water and exercise are needed to help flush out these cells over a period of two to four months Unlike some other fat loss treatments that give you one treatment and ask you to come back if you require further results, an Emerald Laser provider will offer a full package of around six treatments. (

The convenience of laser fat removal at home is just not worth the risks.

Laser Lipo at Home Is Still Pricey

Laser lipo machines for home use are expensive. They can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is a big investment for something that may not work.

Your cost may not be limited to the cost of the machine. If you botch the at-home procedure, you may need to factor in the cost of any doctor’s or emergency room visits to treat serious side effects. You may need to visit a laser lipo treatment center to correct bad or unsightly results.

These costs can add up quickly, and if you do not have health insurance, these costs can balloon out of control. A hospital visit for a skin infection could be financially devastating. You cannot afford to risk your health or your financial future just for some short-term savings.

Laser Lipo Is Less Effective Without an Experienced Doctor

You work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle to either lose weight or maintain your current weight. Do not jeopardize your hard work with a risky treatment that may not give you the desired results or could even harm you.

Laser fat removal treatments are typically performed by highly trained medical professionals who specialize in these treatments. They will often give you a free consultation where they examine you and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. In addition to fat removal, they know how to stimulate collagen production in your skin, so that your skin will tighten.

When you use advanced laser technology at home without the benefit of trained medical professionals, you lose an opportunity to get the best, most aesthetically pleasing results. Laser fat removal is an amazing technology, so it is understandable that you want to take advantage of it, but there is no reason to add unnecessary risk to the procedure by performing it at home.

Emerald Laser for Safe, Convenient Laser Fat Removal

Safety matters to Emerald Laser. Having a doctor use Erchonia’s Emerald Laser on you in a clinical setting like a medical spa is a much safer choice than purchasing a machine for laser lipo at home. Emerald laser uses low-level laser therapy to target your fat cell. Our laser is the only FDA-approved device that can treat people with a 30+ BMI.

An effective treatment, our laser works by targeting stubborn fat and melting away your fat cells using Erchonia’s cold laser technology. It is safe to use on your entire body.

You can trust that this procedure is safe and effective. In addition to FDA Market Clearances, our laser has been the subject of multiple clinical studies. These proven results let you know that the procedure is safe.

Patients like that this non-invasive cold fat removal treatment does not have the same side effects as many popular invasive procedures like traditional liposuction or other procedures like body wraps.

You may have been interested in laser lipo at home because you value convenience. You may not realize how convenient the Emerald Laser treatment process is when it is performed by medical professionals. Even the busiest professionals can make time for it. After this quick procedure, you will be well on your way to feeling more confident and comfortable in your body. Unlike surgical liposuction, you will not have a lengthy recovery time. In fact, after this procedure, you can resume normal activities immediately.

If you choose laser lipo, you’ll start to see fat-reduction results almost immediately. While you’ll see changes to the site within the first week, it could take up to six months to see the full benefits of the procedure. ( During this time, the fat cells get smaller, and the fat is removed from your body. You can expect to see changes in your body and waistline as you start to lose inches. As long as you work to maintain a calorie deficit with the aid of an exercise routine and a healthy diet, your results will be permanent.

You deserve to have laser lipo performed by the best medical professionals, which is why only doctors perform procedures using our Emerald Laser. They will develop a treatment plan designed to help you achieve the best results possible while minimizing the risk of potential side effects.

Talk to an Emerald Laser specialist to see if you’re an ideal candidate. Take advantage of laser fat removal technology in a safe, secure clinical setting today.