December 21, 2022 2:49 pm

For many, the new year serves as an annual reminder to refocus their goals, which is why so many people make New Year’s resolutions. According to a 2021 poll, the most common new year’s resolutions are doing more exercise and losing weight. But vowing to get in better physical shape is only the first step, and due to several factors, losing weight can be more difficult for some than others. Whether you’ve decided to use the new year as a launching point for your weight loss program or you just woke up one day and decided, “today is the day,” the following advice will help you achieve your goal.

What’s a Realistic Weight Loss Goal?

One of the top reasons people fail to achieve their ideal weight is setting unrealistic goals. Either they set a goal weight that’s unnaturally low for their body type, or they don’t allow themselves enough time to reach an otherwise achievable goal. Here are a few tips for choosing smart goals for weight loss:

  • Set both a weight goal and a weight loss schedule – Don’t just decide that you want to lose X number of pounds. Choose your ideal weight and come up with a sustainable timetable. Realistically, you probably won’t be able to lose ten pounds per week, so if you need to lose 30 pounds, you’re going to need to give yourself a more extended period.
  • Know the difference between weight loss and fat reduction – When people say they want to lose weight, they usually mean that they want to reduce fat. One way to drop fat is to reduce your overall body weight, but there are other techniques for achieving a fat reduction goal, which we will explore in later sections.
  • Set benchmarks – Do not view weight loss as an all-or-nothing mission. Benchmark goals will help you remain accountable to yourself and allow you to see your progress. You can choose a goal, like “eight pounds in two weeks” or “reduce pants size by two inches in.” Your benchmark isn’t your goal; it’s a step toward that goal.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips and Techniques

Losing weight is almost never a linear process. You will experience periods where the weight will decrease and points where you’ll plateau or even gain a little back. The following tips will help keep you from getting discouraged during challenging times.

  • Periodic Weigh-ins – Weigh yourself regularly on an accurate scale. Most commercially available digital scales have a high degree of accuracy. Don’t wear shoes or clothing when you weigh yourself. Either weigh yourself naked or with a light towel. Also, choose the same time of day to weigh yourself. These consistent habits will help filter out daily weight fluctuations.
  • Track Your Caloric Intake – Nothing can be more frustrating than thinking you’re adhering to a low-calorie diet and getting minimal results. Tracking calories will ensure that you aren’t consuming more than you think you are.
  • Make Gradual Adjustments – If you radically change your diet and begin a rigorous exercise regimen, you’re likely to get frustrated and give up after a few days. Dropping your caloric intake by 50 calories per day, for instance, until you reach the optimal dieting level will allow you to reduce without feeling the loss. Increase exercise periods and intensity levels gradually as well.
  • Allow Yourself to be Hungry, not Starving – Feeling hungry when dieting is normal, but you should not feel like you are starving. You need food to function, so don’t overdo it.

Why Support Is So Important to Have a Support System

Weight loss can be frustrating and discouraging. It’s important that you are surrounded by people who will support you during this endeavor. This is particularly important around mealtimes. If you are trying to reduce carbs, but your family is having a large pasta dinner, it may be more difficult for you to stay on your diet. Ultimately, it will probably be your responsibility to stock and prepare your dietetic foods, but it will be easier to stay on track if those close to you are supportive.

Beyond Diet and Exercise – Alternative Weight Reduction Methods

Most people cannot achieve their ideal body from diet and exercise alone. Human beings aren’t engineered to snap back into shape. In many cases, stubborn fat deposits are the last things to go. There are viable alternative fat reduction methods that will allow you to reduce body fat either in conjunction with a healthy diet or sometimes, in lieu of one. Laser lipolysis is a fat reduction technique that targets stubborn fat cells. It is fast, painless, effective, and convenient. During laser lipolysis, the technician will use the laser to target the fat cells below the skin. The laser bores a hole into the fat cell wall and emulsifies or melts the lipids inside. The fats then drain through the pore created by the laser and are disposed of by the body’s lymphatic system.

Of the various laser lipo techniques that are available, Emerald Laser is one of the few that uses low-level lasers that do not kill fat cells. This may seem counterintuitive, but killing fat cells can create other health problems. This is one of the reasons why Emerald Laser lipolysis is superior to cold fat removal or “fat freezing” (cryolipolysis), which can be painful and also kills fat cells.

Benefits of Emerald Laser Fat Reduction

Emerald Laser is a pioneer in the field of Laser Lipolysis, earning exclusive FDA market approvals well ahead of the competition. Here are some reasons you should choose Emerald Laser:

  • The procedure is painless. Most patients only feel a slight tingle.
  • Emerald Laser can be used to target fat cells nearly anywhere on the body.
  • Emerald Laser is the only laser lipolysis system to receive FDA market approval for patients with a BMI over 30.
  • The procedure usually takes under 30 minutes per session.
  • There is no downtime after treatments. You can immediately resume full activities.
  • Most patients see results in a few weeks, with full results achieved by 12 weeks.

While losing weight may be important, most people are more concerned about fat loss. Emerald laser offers dieters and exercisers a safe, effective tool to help them achieve their goals.

Lose Weight Sensibly and Intelligently

Losing weight and reducing body fat are challenging goals. Make sure you maintain your perspective during the process. Starvation diets or fad diets are often unsustainable and ultimately fail. Consider incorporating Emerald Laser weight loss procedures as part of your initiative. Good luck and stay the course!