July 6, 2022 5:36 pm

Body sculpting, also known as “body contouring,” is a process that attempts to achieve optimum aesthetic appeal via a medical procedure, which can either be surgical or non-invasive. Many people who have tried to perfect their shape and tone with exercise and dieting have met with frustration when it comes to certain regions of their bodies. While exercising and maintaining a nutritious, calorie-neutral diet are cornerstones to a healthy lifestyle, they often fail to deliver the results many seek — which is where body sculpting comes in.

An Intro to Body Sculpting

Body sculpting aims to bridge the gap between what can be accomplished with diet and exercise and the perfect body that many patients desire. Body sculpting can remove imperfections like extra fat and loose skin caused by weight gain. Body sculpting can be divided into two categories: surgical and non-invasive or non-surgical.

Surgical Body Sculpting

Liposuction is probably the most common type of surgical body sculpting, and it can be effective. An anesthesiologist places the patient under, and a surgeon literally sucks fat deposits away through a vacuum hose through an incision. The results are immediate and partial recovery can take up to a week. However, it can take a month or longer before the patient can resume full activities.

Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

The two most common types of non-invasive body-contouring procedures are cold-sculpting (cryolipolysis) and laser fat removal (laser lipolysis). Neither of these procedures requires anesthesia, and there is little to no recovery period — depending on which process you opt for. There are varying degrees of pain involved, with fat freezing being moderately painful and Emerald Laser lipolysis involving no pain at all.

How Laser Fat Reduction Works

Laser fat reduction is one of the preferred approaches to body sculpting, and Emerald Laser has a proprietary system that helps patients achieve their goals without surgery, pain, or downtime. Here’s how it works.

Emerald Laser uses ten low-intensity 532-nanometer lasers to target the fat cells in specific areas of the body: arms, legs, belly, hips, thighs, etc. The lasers penetrate the skin down to the outer layer of fat cells. The individual lasers then bore microscopic pores into the lipocytes (fat cells) while also heating the lipids inside. The emulsified (melted) lipids then drain through the pores where the body’s lymphatic system safely disposes of them. With Emerald Laser lipo:

  • All sessions are performed on an outpatient basis and usually take less than 30 minutes.
  • There is no pain during or after each treatment.
  • There is no downtime.
  • There are no known side effects.
  • Results can be seen in as little as one week, with full results being achieved in six weeks.

Additionally, Emerald Laser is the only laser fat reduction process approved by the FDA for patients with a BMI of 30 or higher.

Laser Lipo vs. Invasive Surgery

While both surgical body-sculpting procedures and non-invasive Emerald Laser lipolysis can both achieve results, there are several reasons why many people are opting for the benefits of our laser lipolysis.

  • Anesthesia – Surgery requires anesthesia. The Emerald Laser method requires no anesthesia and is painless.
  • Downtime – Liposuction requires several days before you’re feeling well enough to do most things and weeks before you can do strenuous exercise or work. With Emerald Laser, you can resume full activity as soon as you leave our provider’s facility.
  • Pain – Most people who receive liposuction are sore or in pain for several days. There is no pain involved in Emerald Laser.
  • Safety – Surgery requires being placed under anesthesia, which can be dangerous. In addition, it kills fat cells, which means that if you gain weight, you could accumulate fat in other areas of your body, including around vital organs — a condition known as visceral fat accumulation. Emerald Laser leaves your fat cells intact while disposing of the fat.
  • Convenience – Surgery requires planning and time off from work. With Emerald Laser, you can schedule your sessions around your work schedule.
  • Price – Emerald Laser costs anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 for a six-session package. That’s about half to a third of the price of liposuction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Non-Surgical Body-Sculpting

If you are interested in achieving your goals with non-surgical body sculpting, you probably have questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by Emerald Laser patients, along with answers provided by our medical professionals.

What Does Body Sculpting Do?

Body sculpting helps to remove fat deposits that are difficult to get rid of. If you’ve been dieting and doing cardio and resistance training, you may notice that there are still areas of your body that lack definition, no matter how hard you work them. That’s usually due to an accumulation of fat. Body sculpting can help you lose the fat in those regions. Laser lipolysis body sculpting targets those areas to give you the look you want.

How Much Does It Cost to Sculpt Your Body?

Emerald Laser providers usually charge between $1,500 and $2,500 for a six-session package, depending on the targeted area and the desired results. Comparatively, liposuction can cost several times more.

How Long Do Body Sculpting Results Last?

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a calorie-neutral diet, the results of laser lipolysis can be indefinite. Of course, there are always circumstances that can lead to an increase in body fat. The good news is that it’s safe to have Emerald Laser lipolysis done as many times as possible.

Emerald Laser Body Sculpting

Emerald Laser is an unparalleled body-sculpting treatment. Erchonia, the developer of Emerald Laser, is a pioneer in the laser lipolysis industry. The company was the first to receive FDA market approval for the process. In fact, the FDA had to create the laser fat reduction category for earlier Erchonia devices. Whether you’re looking for a way to reduce your overall body fat or you’re looking to fine-tune some stubborn body fat, Emerald Laser is the right treatment for you. Schedule a consultation with one of our providers today.