May 6, 2021 2:36 pm

When you start a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and the pounds drop off, it’s an exciting feeling. However, for many, there comes a time when they see movement on the scale but still have stubborn areas that don’t seem to lose fat, no matter what they do.

Even more frustrating, sometimes the fat just doesn’t seem to come off in the areas you want it to. This may lead you to wonder why specific body fat removal areas are harder to reduce than others. And why these areas differ from person to person.

Lifestyle, Genetics, Environmental Factors, Governs Where the Body Stores or Loses Fat

In short, the areas where each person may gain weight, lose weight, and store fat is different. A combination of lifestyle, genetics, and environmental factors influences which areas hold fat cells and which areas lose fat cells easily.

Areas on the body that easily gain or lose fat cells are governed by genetics. Our genes dictate where we store body fat and how we lose it. In general, women tend to store fat in their lower body, while men tend to store fat in their abdomen. The order in which the fat is lost will vary by individual, so there is no guideline or fat-loss timeline that applies to all.

Treatment Areas for Emerald Laser Body Fat Removal

Emerald Laser is the first FDA market-cleared whole body fat removal treatment in patients with small pockets of fat cells. This means it can be used in a delicate treatment area such as the neck. It can also be used in place of a painful cosmetic procedure that would otherwise require downtime. Laser fat loss with Emerald Laser causes no downtime, no pain, and no bruising. There are virtually no side effects, unlike fat removal through surgical procedures.


Fat in the chin area can be caused by genetics, aging, loss of facial skin elasticity, or weight gain that results in a double chin. Many people choose chin fat removal to create a more youthful appearance. However, the double chin may reappear if lifestyle changes are not made.


An accumulation of fatty tissue in the neck, especially between the muscles and around the cervical vertebrae, is often caused by weight gain and genetic fat storage predisposition. This can cause serious issues such as sleep apnea as well as debilitating low self-esteem. There is no surgical cosmetic procedure for neck fat removal. However, advances in non-invasive procedures have made it possible to have fat removed from this area.


Often caused by age and weight gain, arm fat is one of the most challenging areas to reduce. Arm toning exercises can help, but there will likely be some stubborn fat that just won’t go away. Women, in particular, develop unsightly arm fat, often called batwings, that isn’t easy to get rid of. Non-surgical laser treatments for arm fat removal using cold laser technology have been successful in targeting this area.

Armpit / Underarm

Armpit fat or underarm fat is seen as an extra fold of skin between the arm and the upper breast tissue. It is also called bra bulge, or more scientifically, anterior axillary roll. While there are exercises that can help with underarm fat removal, this area is especially resistant to change through diet and exercise. Because of this, non-invasive armpit fat removal is often used to reduce this area.

Abdomen (Belly, Tummy)

Often called the belly or tummy, fat can accumulate in this area due to age, hormones, stress, genetics, and weight gain. Subcutaneous belly fat is located between the skin and the outer abdominal wall. Diet and exercise can lead to belly fat loss, but often stubborn fat remains even after significant weight loss. Traditional tummy fat removal involves general anesthesia, while more recent advances for belly fat removal involve low-level laser therapy (LLIT) procedures.

Hips (Love Handles)

Love handles refer to the excess amounts of fat that extend outward from the hips. Factors that contribute to love handles include hormones, age, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and slow metabolism. This is often an area resistant to weight loss, diet, and exercise, so many people turn to laser love handle removal to achieve a sleeker body contour.


Thigh fat is a significant problem area for many women. It often seems like the first place that gains fat and the last place to lose it. Often impervious to weight loss, trying to lose fat in this area can be discouraging and disheartening. Cardio and toning exercises can help, but if the fat becomes stubborn, laser fat thigh fat removal can reduce resistant fat pockets.

Inner Thigh

Inner thigh fat is another challenging and stubborn area to tone and slim down. Most women carry excess inner thigh fat due to genetics and their body type. When toning and diet fail to produce inner thigh fat removal, non-invasive laser treatments can get rid of stubborn fat in this area.


Back fat can accumulate in both the upper and lower back, and both men and women suffer from it. In women, back fat is often called bra overhang. The fat around the lower back and sides is often called a muffin top. A diet that is high in sugar, fat, and calories, as well as a sedentary lifestyle, can lead to excessive weight gain and back fat. When all else fails, low-heat laser treatment can help with back fat removal.

Non-Invasive Laser Treatment for Stubborn Areas

Pockets of stubborn body fat are more than annoying, they can lead to self-consciousness and seriously damage your self-esteem. Melting away the fat cells in these stubborn areas with exercise and diet just doesn’t work. Exercise can help tone the muscles underneath the fat won’t do much for getting rid of the actual fat. Aerobic exercise can burn calories and help you lose weight, but it doesn’t always reduce the fat in these stubborn areas. Plastic surgeons might be able to help, however, you’ll have to deal with long recovery times and potential side effects.

As the first laser FDA-cleared to treat the full-body, the Emerald Laser fat removal can tackle all areas plagued by stubborn fat pockets. Weight and body shape are critical aspects of general health and well-being. Although laser fat removal is not a direct weight loss treatment, it can help you achieve a slimmer, healthier-looking body. After the procedure, it is key to maintain a healthy, calorie-neutral diet and get regular exercise. These healthy habits will help you to maintain weight loss.

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